Uploading TTF on Monotype Platform with "Permission problem" - Anyone else?

Uploading my font on Monotype Platform in TTF format will end with a page: "Forbidden.."

I try a new submission with OTF format (for tests) and all work fine.
My contact with support ends with "We only accept files in OTF or TTF format, not both" :)

Has anyone else encountered such a problem?



  • Nick ShinnNick Shinn Posts: 2,128
    One thing I’ve noticed, which may or may not be relevant to your problem, is that for some reason the Platform will not accommodate both TTF and OTF formats in the same family.
  • ...the Platform will not accommodate both TTF and OTF formats in the same family.
    Thank You. I know about this disclaimer on the platform so I didn't do it. Still waiting for a response from Support (Weekend :() so I was hoping that someone here had such an unusual problem.

  • When I asked, they said that with the new upload facility (new as of last year), they no longer allow more than one format for fonts. Reason given: less confusing to users.
  • While the policy may possibly make things less confusing to users, the opposite is true for foundries. When purchasing Proxima Nova through Myfonts some time ago, I was pleasantly surprised to receive fonts in both OTF and TTF formats, something that I suppose is no longer possible.

    The policy is particularly restrictive where a variable font is offered alongside static counterparts, for two reasons:
    - font makers generally design using cubic curves and test in OTF format.
    - variable fonts are more generally acceptable in TTF format.

    Following the above routines makes it impossible to offer the variable font as part of a family package. Of course there is nothing to prevent font makers rationalising their formats but it's just another seemingly unnecessary hurdle to jump.

    A case in point is the newly released Monotype font 'Cotford', where the variable TTF fonts are presented separately to the OTF static versions. Personally I find this more confusing, particularly as they are both presented with identical supporting graphics.
  • Mark SimonsonMark Simonson Posts: 1,648
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    You're right. Proxima Nova is now only delivered in one format (OTF) on MyFonts as of last year. I used to also include optional supplemental fonts at no extra cost (long story), but I had to drop those as well. I had wanted to drop these for a while anyway, so I was okay with that. And, so far, I've had no complaints about dropping the TTF version on MyFonts. (MyFonts is not the only distributor that limits you to offer only one format, BTW.)

    As for a variable version, I decided early on to sell and distribute that as a separate family with a separate name (Proxima Vara). But I know some like to include it with the static family, so I can see how that would be a problem.
  • I get this error when I use an OTF file exported from Glyphs 2. I have it on one of the computers that I use a lot because I like using the older version still. However, if I open up my file in Glyphs 3, and export my OTF from there… the font platform importer takes it with no Forbidden error.

    Hopefully, someone will find this information useful. It took me a while to figure that out, I even contacted support a few times and gave them my OTF files that weren't working and they told me that everything would upload fine, which it did not.

  • [...] font platform importer takes it with no Forbidden error. [...]
    I am a simple person and most likely my English is too poor to understand all the nuances of this message, but the situation inspired me to at least a funny specimen for my new font :smiley:

  • Grzegorz Luk (gluk)Grzegorz Luk (gluk) Posts: 153
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    1 year and still testing - the longest font test I have seen. After a long discussion with support, I got an answer "[...] will ask IT for help and this will take time to resolve."

    I love the smell of corporate routines in the Morning... :D

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