- Evolved piracy!

Do you already know this strange “distributor”?
Every user is incentivated to upload fonts to obtain credits to download other fonts.
I don't believe some of you authorized this kind of “distribution” in this way but if you looking for one of your fonts you’ll see it on the results of your search.
Take a look at

How we can stop something like that?


  • Grazie Fabrizio.
    There’s a lot of Chinese at that site. They list about a dozen of my fonts, for which I never gave any consent.

  • They are one of the many pirates! Very serious - do not allow download without registration. I can get my fonts on other sites without registering. I think (in my case) they buy out the store because they have enough money.
  • Peter BakerPeter Baker Posts: 114
    Sites like that are bad even for Open Source types, because they prowl GitHub, hoover up whatever they find, whether alpha or beta, and then rarely if ever upgrade. They're also not guaranteed to be virus-free (as I learned some years ago when a user accused me of distributing a virus with a font). Not a lot to do about this aside from warning users on the front page (which most will never see).
  • At least they're thorough. They list one of my popular fonts nine times, each pirated from a different source 🙄
  • Thomas RettigThomas Rettig Posts: 6
    edited October 27
    I think this is, to a large extent, inevitable. It's rather tough to contact the site owner about the pirated font(s), let alone get a response. But if anyone ever decides to use pirated fonts online, it's easy to detect, because almost all of them lack a proper digital signature and have strange metadata like "wf-rip".
  • jeremy tribbyjeremy tribby Posts: 76
    edited November 6
    the russian equivalent of facebook, which I wont even name, is perhaps the worst offending community these days, especially because they also host the files, not just the groups. it seems that many jurisdictions don't care about DMCA requests etc, and make it hard to even engage.

    even so, I think it's a good thing that there isn't something like web browsers' encrypted media extensions API for fonts. my perspective is that DRM is an overall bad thing that only serves to punish paying users (or app makers etc) who end up being the ones who have to implement crazy encryption schemes, all because of pirates who wouldn't be paying for the fonts one way or the other. cory doctorow, the sci-fi author, has argued roughly the same thing for a long time and has some good blog posts about DRM

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