RightFont 5 and ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fonts

When I’m working with my Adobe apps RightFont tries to activate fonts in the document that are in the Adobe ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fonts folder. It can’t activate the fonts because they aren’t installed at the OS level. If I skip activation it the keeps popping up every five minutes or less. This gets really annoying when I’m working in Photoshop for an hour. Does anyone know of a workaround for this? FYI I’m using RightFont because it lets me deactivate all those Noto fonts that some asshole at Apple thinks should appear in my application font menus just in case I need to use Linear A and Linear B.


  • I’m not seeing lots of Noto fonts on my Big Sur system: just the ones I installed myself.
  • When I upgraded to Big Sur I got all the non-Latin system fonts. Some of them I could disable, others not. Noto Sans was the worst—107 of them. In Indesign the Noto Sans portion of the menu can literally span my screen from top to bottom. They don’t appear in Fontbook. And they can’t be manually deleted. Fortunately RightFont can disable most of them. I still can’t disable Noto Sans Armenian.

    But I think I’ve found the solution. There’s a checkbox for auto activation in the RightFont preferences (and I am an idiot for not looking there).

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    I’m not seeing lots of Noto fonts on my Big Sur system: just the ones I installed myself.
    They're all hanging out in /System/Library/Fonts/Supplemental.
  • I'm seeing a lot of Noto fonts in InDesign on Big Sur. I've never noticed because I usually select fonts by typing the first few letters of the name rather than scrolling through the font menu. I also use the filter and favorites features. These are not available from the Font menu in the menu bar, but are in various property panels. I hardly ever use the menu bar Font menu.
  • They're all hanging out in /System/Library/Fonts/Supplemental.
    Interesting. They’re not showing up in FontBook or in most app menus, but they are showing up in InDesign’s font menu. So I think this is down to some asshole at Adobe rather than some asshole at Apple. :)

  • AFAIK, the Noto fonts in macOS are only used as fallback fonts and don't normally appear in font menus. I’m not seeing these in the InDesign menu (apart from a few which I installed myself), so I’m not sure what gremlins might be at work to cause them to show up for some people but not others (mind you, I'm still running Mojave and I see Mark specifically mentioned Big Sur. Also, my InDesign is the ME version which might behave differently).
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