The best payment gateway service for Type Foundries?

rui_abreurui_abreu Posts: 23
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Hi everyone,

We have been working with Braintree (owned by PayPal) for the processing of our credit card payments.
Everything has been working reasonably well although the customer support has never been good. The problem is that if you receive a Credit Card payment that is higher than usual, it turns out that they might hold the funds, until they decide the "risk" factor of your business. They ask (or demand) for more informations, like complete bank statements of
the business. This is what is happening to us now, and it feels awkwardly like blackmailing to be honest.

Does anyone have a recommendation for an alternative?


  • JoyceKettererJoyceKetterer Posts: 769
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    I take that back, don't call, go in person.  As I reflect on this I think I probably got better treatment in person than I'd have gotten on the phone.  
  • Thanks @JoyceKetterer. That sounds like good advice.
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