Results of a small survey about the criteria for purchasing fonts

I asked 17 Ukrainian graphic designers working in medium design studios, as well as freelancers working with European clients, about the criteria for purchasing fonts. I want to share results with you and I hope this analytics will shed some light on the Cyrillic audience. Please note that Ukrainian designers are reluctant to purchase fonts and 90% of them prefer to use free alternatives in their projects.

What information do you expect to see first in the promo images of the font family?
10 – Font in use
4 – Typed paragraph of text
2 – Character set
1 – 
Technical features

Are you looking at PDF Specimen if available?
8 – I don't know what it is
7 – Yes, I watch a digital specimen
2 – No
0 – Yes, I watch a printed specimen

Are you looking for fonts that support OpenType features?
9 – It is good if they are, but this is not the main criterion for purchasing a font
3 – 
I don't know what it is
3 – No
2 – Yes

Are you looking for variable fonts?
13 – If the project requires it
3 – 
I don't know what it is
1 – Yes
0 – No

Is the amount of styles in a font family important to you?
9 – I usually only need a few styles like Regular and Bold
8 – 
Yes, I buy the full package more often
0 – 
No, I'm looking for individual styles

Do you need wide language support in fonts?
8 – Yes, my content is published on different languages
8 – 
Cyrillic is enough
1 – No, English is anough

Is it important to you which studio developed the typeface?
15 – No
2 – Yes

You agree with the font price if it is:
9 – Justified by the quality, functions of the font, language support
5 – Doesn't exceed your project budget
3 – 
Doesn't exceed the price tag of other fonts in the same category