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I find it okay to look at but since I haven't designed much type or design in awhile I'm not sure if something looks off like /Y comes to mind or spacing. all the glyphs are slightly bottom heavy but that was intentional. decal is going on the front windshield at 4"x34".

any thoughts? thanks.


  • If you're making a decal and not a stencil, the break in the characters is not necessary.
  • The legal question comes to mind: do you have permission/license from Toyota?
  • I don't think you need permission from Toyota to make a decal for your own car's windshield.

    Start by finding a more elegant design for the Y. I'd go for a cut that's perpendicular with the left stroke. I'd simplify it becuase right now that abrupt kink where stem meets stroke goes against the theme that's been established with the other letters: a flowing wavy line with cuts. While you're at it, make the Y strokes similar in thickness to the rest of the strokes. It should be about the same thickness as the A and R strokes. Use the angle of the Y cut to determine the angle of the cuts in the other letters. You don't need to be too strict about the angles of the cuts...there's a threshold where variations in stroke ends aren't noticeable.
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    @Nick Curtis Thanks for the feedback! Right I was just going with the stencil like cuts for aesthetic reasons but  my buddy (client) wanted it that way so stuck with it. It wasn't meant to be true stencil or anything.

    @George Thomas Thanks for pointing that out because it never crossed my mind about the copyright stuff till you mentioned it! Now that I think about it I don't think it would be a problem since this is not going off their design nor am I butchering their original design or anything?  Its all from scratch besides it's going on a windshield of a Camry actually. 

    @Ray Larabie Thanks for the feedback! I'm really not sure what other version of /Y I can use to make it work to be honest. I kinda eyeballed the angles for the cuts but definitely will incorporate what you said wrt /Y so its even with the rest, makes total sense. As for the weight of /Y I kinda flared it up a bit to make up for weight since the stem was half cut off by the stencil cut. /Y is definitely thicker at the stem and the diagonals like you pointed out. 
  • I was thinking about this kind of flow for the Y.

  • Yeah that was what I had initially but scrapped it because it was too straight, there were no curved corners like the rest of the glyphs so I added the neck portion to the stem.
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