Is anyone else seeing an unusually busy August?

Usually I basically have no client inquires in August.  I don't take off because it's a nice time to get internal things done, but I do go away and don't worry about the quality of the internet. This year we're house sitting for friends at a place in Maine that doesn't have internet (just good cell service and I'm using my phone as a hotspot). 

Last year wasn't like that but I figured everyone was making up for all the upheavals in first quarter 2020.  This week (and it's only Thursday) I've fielded more  inquires than I might get all month in a normal August. I'm wondering if this is the "new normal" and I should plan for it next year.  Is anyone else seeing the same thing?


  • I wish.  I was busy like crazy in April, but so far, nothing has been popping up so far this month.  Glad to hear you're doing great, though - maybe that'll turn around for me.
  • Nick CookeNick Cooke Posts: 177
    Busy? I don’t know the meaning of that word. 
  • To be fair, it's still retail sales.  Just the sort that need some hand holding.
  • My sales are rock bottom pretty much all year, and August doesn't appear to be bucking that trend.
  • @Dave Rowland ug.  that sucks.  Thanks for the reminder that I'm lucky
  • I have had a lot more interest from the legal side of things again—font forensics. But the base rate is so low that I don’t know that I can reasonably differentiate “surge from some cause” compared to random variance.
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    @Thomas Phinney I wouldn't say my inquires represent a surge over all. It's just a lot more than I'd come to expect in August. 

    I regard "normal" as the nine months that don't include January (usually bussiest), December (only about 1.5 weeks where there is any work. so, quite busy but then not) and August (usually extremely quiet).  

    So, by that measure I'd say you're also seeing the same trend.  That is, I was asking if clients seem to be around in August and it seems like you're saying yes.
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    I have seen a sharp decline in freelance gigs. I have the feeling there are 5 times more people competing for the same jobs I was once able to get, it is like there are hundreds for a single one. I keep trying all kinds of techniques, promotions, even underselling my services, in the fields of graphic design, translation, lettering, nothing works. It happened abruptly. It has never been this bad. 
  • @Vasil Stanev ug.  That sucks.  
  • Vasil StanevVasil Stanev Posts: 728
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    @Vasil Stanev ug.  That sucks.  
    Thank you for being so considerate!  o:)

  • After a fairly quiet June and July, August came in like a Lion. A bit of a bump is typical around now, as folks are getting geared up for holiday projects. However, this is more than expected, and included large sales and commission work. I am not complaining and hope this comment isn't jinxing it ;)  
  • @Oliver Weiss (Walden Font Co.) That's really interesting that it's normal for you to have a bump around now. How long has that been so?  For us it always used to be like someone flipped a switch on September 1st.
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    It's been like this for at least ten years. Around now, I typically hear from publishers. Starting in September, it's advertising/marketing firms and folks who design product packaging. There's a lot of single-license purchases through Thanksgiving. Up to mid-December it's so-so, and then it gets very, very quiet until February. I'm trying to come up with some seasonal design kits to overcome the doldrums.   

    But like I said, the current August volume is unusual. September is typically bigger, as you mentioned. 
  • @Oliver Weiss (Walden Font Co.) the plot thickens.  We have the same customer base but before last year August was dead.  Once I got used to the idea that customers would definitely return I grew to like it.  I miss it.  But, obviously, there are worse things than people wanting to buy your product.
  • I've been wading through the hundreds of emails which I received while hospitalized, and the recurrent theme appears to be that the prospective customers are almost unanimously flummoxed by the "new and improved" MyFonts licensing agreements.
  • @Nick Curtis
    That sounds like a great topic for a new thread. Would you care to start a thread explaining what changed?
  • @Nick Curtis That sucks.  On soo many levels.  I'm glad your home and wish you'd had a better welcome than a stack of emails about Monotype's convoluted licensing scheme. If you have the energy, I'd also be very curious to read a new thread with details.    
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