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In case you missed it, John Boardley’s I Love Typography just partnered with Nadine Chahine and Julia Hiles to launch a new font shop, starting with 40 foundries, many of whom are represented on TypeDrawers. This adds a significant player to the retail market and another traditional distribution alternative (next to Fontspring, MyFonts, Type Network, etc.), alongside the novel models introduced by Fontstand and Future Fonts. I posted my own thoughts on Twitter, but I’m interested to hear what others think.

The press release.


  • Are all 40 foundries OK with ILT using actual web fonts for site-wide test-drive features?
  • Eris AlarEris Alar Posts: 409
    I'm happy for anything that helps people find and license more type and look forward to seeing how this unfolds. 

  • Chris LozosChris Lozos Posts: 1,457
    Congrats to the new crew!!!
  • Steve Heller has interviewed Nadine about the project: https://www.printmag.com/post/the-daily-heller-i-love-you-love-we-love-typography
  • Are all 40 foundries OK with ILT using actual web fonts for site-wide test-drive features?
    Of course, I'd expect the site to make a reasonable effort to protect the fonts, but a determined individual will be able to extract the webfont files, no matter what you do to obfuscate them. These people wouldn't have bought my fonts anyway, so I don't really care. 
  • Nick CurtisNick Curtis Posts: 118
    What's the vig?
  • Where do you read that? Are you thinking of http://vllg.com/?
  • Wow, I learned a new word today. Thanks, Thomas!
  • Stephen, you may need to (re)watch The Sopranos. ;)
  • Thomas,
    Resellers has been the sine qua non of my entire professional career. My only beef with a  reseller was nine years ago on the now-defunct Typophile forum, when the reseller wanted 60% of my licensing fees. Do you recall that thread and how things turned out?

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