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I'm finishing a series of fonts for a client and am having issues with one version. The issue is with the Mac version of Word 2011. There are 5 versions of this font called Cantoni. There is Cantoni (the very basic version); Cantoni Pro; Cantoni Flourishes; Cantoni Ornaments; and Cantoni DIY Wedding. The only one with problems is the plain Cantoni. They were all OTF versions that she loaded, but the TTF version did the same thing. She installed the fonts with Font Book, but Word says "Cantoni font is not available on your system". Her husband loaded and tested it on his PC version of Word with no problems so it seems to be a Mac issue. She also tried some cache killing thing she read on the web and that didn't solve the issue either.

I'm at a loss for the moment. I keep wondering if it's a naming issue. Would adding Basic to the name possibly solve it? Any help appreciated.


  • Also… I plan to go out and get a version of Word for my Mac today. My own version stopped working when I upgraded to Mountain Lion. I'm not sure that I will end up having the same issue, but I guess I'll find out.
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    Hi Stephen,
    Try this in: Font Info -> Names and Copyright

    Name: Cantoni
    Weight: Regular 400
    Width: Medium (Normal) <-- select this value, instead of using the default

    Style Name: Regular
    PS Font Name: Cantoni-Regular <-- add "-Regular" manually
    Full Name: Cantoni Regular <-- Add " Regular" manually, note the space instead of the hypen
    Menu Name: Cantoni
    FOND Name: Cantoni

  • Mac Office naming is completely fucked. There's a discussion on the Fontlab forum about possible solutions.
  • >Any help appreciated.

    I thought this came up a while ago and it turns out that MS no longer supports 3rd party fonts in Word on the Mac.
  • Thanks James.
    I just saw that first one through a google search and posted a comment.
  • I’ve followed Karsten Lücke’s naming advice and never had problems with Office compatibility. The basic idea is to only use Regular, Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic as style names, and shift everything else into the family name. This means you have more entries in the font menu. So what.

    Beyond that, the Fontlab version matters. I never had problems generating MS Word-friendly fonts with 5.0.4 / build 2741. But MS Word didn't like the fonts generated by 5.1.3 / build 4692. I've dropped back to 5.1.2 / build 4447 and those fonts are OK in Word (confirming the experience of others).
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    FontLab only has links on its site to 5.1.3 build 4692. However, you can still download 5.1.2 build 4447 here:
  • I'm on 5.1.2. What seemed to fix it in the end was adding a second word in the name. Word seemed to get confused when all the other versions like Cantoni Pro had a 2nd word, but the basic version didn't. I followed all the other guidelines, but it wasn't till I changed the name to Cantoni Basic that it worked.
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