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I drew this a while ago, and had forgotten all about it. Any comments and critique very welcome; please help me decide if it's worthy of development or not.


Obvious Dwiggins influences here. The goal was to make a cool, not too dark book face, where deliberately coarse curves are balanced against more refined shapes.

Pdf here.


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  • Craig EliasonCraig Eliason Posts: 1,366
    The pinched effect at the diagonals of the round caps /C/D/O/Q/ bother me. Seems like those letters introduce both more sudden contrast and wavering thickness of hairline. What would it look like to choose one or the other of those?
    Upper right serif of /u/ looks too long to me.
    I also see a lot of Sindre in this (which I love)!
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    Thank you very much, Craig! Good to see you in here. Yes, you're right about those round caps. I guess that was an attempt to give the upper case some kind of modulation too, though none may be needed. I'll try to make them just plain vanilla smooth. You're definitely right about the /u/. But do you think this typeface has enough identity in its own right? (I know nothing at all about Gerard Unger, so if this typeface resembles his work, that is a pure coincidence. I only recently learnt that Unger is someone contemporary, and not the guy who made Unger Fraktur, actually.)

    And James, what do you need to know about me? I'm not good at socialising, you see.
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    Thank you for your feedback. Sorry I misunderstood your first comment. The lack of full name was not intentional, I just forgot filling in that information.
    do you really want to spend time on a genre that has been beaten to death over the last few years?
    No. That's why I asked if this is worth the effort or not. Can you give me some good examples of typefaces in this genre? You're absolutely right, I should study more. And my suspicions that this isn't good enough are strengthened.
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    Thank you. Will do. I remember thinking that 'these are all alike' when I looked at the work of Reading students the other year, and believe me, I'm not one of those guys. None of my completed designs are like that at all.
  • I'd personally like to see this either tighter (as per James M's edits) or looser. I think if you tighten this up & refine it, it might have something of a Reading look. But what if you loosened it up, made it more eccentric, jaggier? What if Oldřich Menhart stole Unger's seat at that bar?
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