Hinting Variable Fonts

Hello Everyone, 
Is there a way to autohint variable fonts, either CFF or True Type?
From what I can understand ttfautohint is not hinting TT variable fonts, but what about CFF variable fonts is it possible to autohint them?

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  • John HudsonJohn Hudson Posts: 2,973
    You can semi-autohint variable TTFs using VTT. You need to spend some time setting up variable CVT entries for the axis extrema [and intermediate delta sets], but you can autohint the default instance outlines and then just need to ensure that the CVTs are being applied as intended. Some manual tweaking of the autohinter results may be desirable.
  • FYI Mick Duggan recently gave an ATypI talk about using VTT with varfonts.
  • Dave CrosslandDave Crossland Posts: 1,391
    No matter how much experience you have hinting, I'd be glad to know what your questions or areas of interest are for hinting variable fonts; I've commissioned Mike Duggan and David Berlow to make some new docs about this topic, with a view to developing a better ttfautohint for VFs. 

    There was an experimental version to support it, but it didn't work well. 
  • Mike DugganMike Duggan Posts: 237
    edited July 2021
    the talk I gave at TMX Mexico on VTT Hinting for Variable fonts, is still up online, if this is useful and or of interest. 

    talk on VTT VF hinting starts at 45 mins in 


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