Book Designer / Type Setter Wanted

Where can I find book designers / type setters?  Is anyone here interested in a freelance job like this?  Or can you recommend someone?  Is there a forum where good book designers and type setters hang out?

Thanks in advance.

Please send an email to [email protected] if you are interested in knowing more about the assignment.


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    I would THINK this would be reasonably appropriate for this forum. But that said, you should actually describe the job in some detail and/or have a link to a specific job posting. (Even if there are some confidential aspects to it, I should think you could describe much of it without hitting the confidential points. I have done job postings of that sort in the past.)
  • Why was this flagged?
  • If you strive for some business, it surely is a good idea to first say who you actually are.
    many greetings,
    Andreas Stötzner
    (type designer and book designer)
  • I am an expert book designer and typesetter; see

    You should post some more information about yourself and the project here, or contact a designer directly.
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