Unnecessary link warning

Why is it that TypeDrawers has begun to display a "you are now leaving TypeDrawers" page when clicking on external links? This is annoying and unnecessary, and deviates from the way links have worked since the beginning of the web. Can we go back to the way it was?


  • Nick ShinnNick Shinn Posts: 2,058
    Yes, I noticed that too. Most peculiar!

  • Mark SimonsonMark Simonson Posts: 1,593
    edited June 2021
    That's always possible. On Mac, if you command-click or command-option-click on a link it opens in a new tab or window. I usually prefer links opening in the same window/tab, replacing the current page. It annoys me when a link automatically opens in a new window. I'm sure there is something similar on other platforms. (Edit: I think it should be the user's choice.)
  • To me (for leaving a site) the default behavior should be opening a new tab (better than window), because losing a page is far more annoying than simply having to close one; alt-clicking should be for using the same window.
  • Paul HanslowPaul Hanslow Posts: 137
    Thanks Stephen. 
  • Mark SimonsonMark Simonson Posts: 1,593
    Thanks, @Stephen Coles
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