Macintosh OS 11 Big Sur: system typeface desaster and related issues



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  • John SavardJohn Savard Posts: 845
    No doubt you've heard that Microsoft has announced Windows 11. It will install only on 64-bit systems with UEFI, so motherboards with the older type of BIOS are out of luck. And it introduces rounded corners for windows and dialog boxes.
    Of course, that is hardly enough to turn a Windows machine into the equal of a Macintosh, so it is unlikely to have any genuine relevance.
  • Nick CurtisNick Curtis Posts: 113
    Mobile is where the money's at these days. Apple appears to have abandoned the core "grandpa box" users who got them where they are today. To date, WIndows has not made the same mistake…yet.
  • Eris AlarEris Alar Posts: 324
    Overall, I love the macOS updates and have adjusted to each one quickly. I like San Francisco, and the overall direction of the UI. Like many of you, I’ve been using a Mac for years, my first one was a secondhand iMac G3 that I got in 2002, it has System 9.2 on it and OS X, but I used 9.2 the most. Since they started doing the free yearly OS updates, I think around 10 years ago? I update every year so that I can adjust to any changes in smaller steps. 
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