Ramiro Espinoza steps down from TypeDrawers moderation

To all TypeDrawers members, I wish to announce that @Ramiro Espinoza is stepping down from moderation duties on TypeDrawers. He's been consistently moderating this place, reading through a plethora of posts, and keeping the peace for an extended period of time. I personally wish to commend him for his efforts and dedication to TypeDrawers.

Over the last year a number of moderators have departed—including Dyana Weissman, Jess McCarty, and now Ramiro Espinoza—leaving only administrator James Hultquist-Todd and myself to oversee all discussions. Due to this I ask all TypeDrawers members to remain civil with one other, be courteous whenever possible, and continue to foster and strengthen this community in a positive way.

Finally, if any members wish to become TypeDrawers moderators, or know/trust another who may be interested, please get in touch.

Thank you! 


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