How long does it takes for you to finish a typeface?



  • Rob BarbaRob Barba Posts: 82
    Fastest was Turpentine; as that took me a couple of days to do.
    Longest is currently Heiankyo, which I've been working on close to a decade now.
    Average is about three months for a straight Latin and Latin-extended font.

    A special shout-out goes to Ferrocarbon, which took me about a month to do in 2013...and then I completely forgot to release it until earlier this past year.
  • Dave CrosslandDave Crossland Posts: 1,242
    Rob, how many masters is that, in Roman and italic?
  • Rob BarbaRob Barba Posts: 82
    Rob, how many masters is that, in Roman and italic?

    Far more than I'd like.  And, probably, ironically, less than I should, as to date I've never done a true italic; just oblique italics.  One of these days I really want to give a shot at doing a true italic.
  • Chris LozosChris Lozos Posts: 1,428
    True italic is in it's own world.  After spending some time working on italics, any upright looks distorted to me.
  • DrawcardDrawcard Posts: 51
    edited June 2021
    In a similar vein to "speed runs" in gaming, here's a guy cranking out a decent font in 2 hours:

    Sometimes I get a bit conflicted about how much 'cut & paste' vs. 'handcrafted letterforms' there should be in the design process, but I suppose it depends on how organic the design concept is, and whether the forms derived from 'cut & paste' are corrected for their particular end use.
  • Nick CurtisNick Curtis Posts: 118
    Back when day job downsized me and font-making became my sole source of income, I found I was most productive when I had a lot of projects going on at once.
    I would work on one font until it became tedious and then mover on to another and another and another. My averaged output was one font a day until my arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome and cataracts shout me down…
    With 182 “jobs in progress” in various states of done-ness.
  • Nick CurtisNick Curtis Posts: 118
    When you drop the mic and walk away?
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