Critique needed for Kneato (working name)

Hi everybody,

I've been working on this display font almost everyday for quite a while now and I'm afraid I grew accustomed to any of its possible issues, big or small. 🙂

I need fresh eyes, so any feedback is appreciated.


  • Craig EliasonCraig Eliason Posts: 1,162
    Seems like it has to be set huge to see the interior pattern detail. Is that your intention?
  • Bogdan OanceaBogdan Oancea Posts: 21
    edited May 21
    Seems like it has to be set huge to see the interior pattern detail. Is that your intention?
    No, not directly. I did try making the pattern bigger but it was too limiting. Another pattern would definitely work and result in a different-looking font. (Actually, I have it made with another pattern and it might work with that):

  • Vasil StanevVasil Stanev Posts: 640
    You have put quite the effort into it. But the parts would fall of  if cut from metal - do a stenciled version too.
  • Bogdan OanceaBogdan Oancea Posts: 21
    @Vasil Stanev Thanks for the suggestion — I might, but the pattern will look a bit different.
  • Linus RomerLinus Romer Posts: 136
    The appearence of your typeface is very original! I cannot give tips for the pattern, but I would change the general shape of some glyphs: 
    /S: Extend the top bow a bit more to the right & lower the mid part a bit such that the upper and lower half become more similar.
    /s: Make it slightly narrower.
    /v (and also a bit /w and /y): The diagonal stems are too distinct. Try to adapt the look of /Y and /V.
    /G: Extend the top bow a bit more to the right
    /X: Maybe it would work better if you (kind of) mirror the upper part of /Y?

    I especially like /n, /h, /u, /o, /p, /q, /r, /d, /b.
  • John SavardJohn Savard Posts: 841
    edited May 24
    I am also very impressed by how the pattern interacts with the letter outlines, so that the outline of the letter retains its integrity, and yet the pattern never seems to be cut arbitrarily in the middle of its elements. Sometimes the large circular areas are cut into, but instead of a slice, you shrink them.
    Although the shape of the capital X is perhaps a trifle unusual (and the W is affected by this as well) I suspect it would be very difficult to make any alterations to the characters as they are.
    Working from your existing letters, I can crudely make this image of a symmetrical X:
    but that's clearly not right, as this makes the two strokes of the X too wide; the V-shaped indentations should be larger.
    But the next larger version that your pattern seems to allow
    is much too large.
  • Bogdan OanceaBogdan Oancea Posts: 21
    edited May 24
    @Linus Romer and @John Savard

    Thank you both — I'm trying to do the edits based on your suggestions and see how things go, then I'll post an update here.

    So basically you guys feel like uc 'X' looks out of place with the other letters because… it lacks a bit of roundness, or the thinner stroke is too thin, or it just needs to be a bit wider (I doubt that, but maybe I'm wrong)?

    Anyway, I'll use the upper part of 'Y' for 'X', but simply mirroring it downwards doesn't work, as it would result in an X that doesn't touch the baseline.

    Thanks again!
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