Yo, I'm Abe Nehrer, thought I'd say hi!

Hey folks, my name is Abe and I joined here a while ago to gain more knowledge on typography (which I did, amazingly insightful group of people here).  I've done graphic design for many years, and always did calligraphy (black letter focused) as a hobby.  The past while I've been shifting my design work to focus primarily on lettering & typography. Last year I bought FontLab7 and having been slowly building my abilities with it (and font design in general).  I'm a big fan of early 1900s lettering (French and industrial American) - trademarks from the early 1900s are an absolute love of mine (but I also like Baseball scripts and fonts, punk rock fanzines, and death metal lettering). You can find some of my work on IG (@abenehrer).  Anyways, just wanted to say hello first before asking questions or requesting critiques of my designs.