What constitutes a Spoiler?

I'm curious about a new (to me?) TypeDrawers feature: the spoiler.

Found at the bottom of some posts, it's a button that, when clicked, reveals a previously hidden part of the post. I've encountered it a few times and can't figure out what constitutes a spoiler -- none of the newly revealed content seems different than what preceded it.

If this is in preparation for TypeDrawers' transition to movie reviews, I'm onboard! :)


  • Florian PircherFlorian Pircher Posts: 162
    edited May 2021
    Spoilers are neat to hide long content: A thousand kerning pairs, a long crash report, some complicated feature code, etc. This keeps the thread tidy and allows the engaged reader to access additional content. It’s probably best to preface the spoiler with a heading.

    For example, words used in German with the letters a–z in different contexts:
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  • Marc OxborrowMarc Oxborrow Posts: 217
    Thanks, Florian. Not sure the word "Spoiler" fits, but the functionality seems useful.
  • This is the classic symptom of a feature that has been made for a specific use-case, but that has much broader applicability. A more apt name would be summary–detail-block, or hide/view-section, or secondary-foldy-thingy. But are those names as commonly used as spoiler?
    No. No, they are not.
  • Mark SimonsonMark Simonson Posts: 1,593
    edited May 2021
    The forum engine used by TypeDrawers is a generic one, not tailored to discussions about type. So some features don't quite make sense, although may still be repurposed into something useful.
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