Which are the most appreciated small foundries as of today?



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  • Vasil Stanev
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    When I started as a graphic designer in the 1970s, it was possible to know all the fonts and foundries. Today there have been 35 new typefaces published at MyFonts so far—not even Stephen Coles can keep pace.
    This is (maybe) the death of the old model, yes, but actually perhaps 90% are poorly made, so we can become font repair technicians for the next decades and be paid handsomely when HR realizes in the last possoble minute that the font has to be fixed ASAP. I see no way this particular kind of service can be replaced by machines or AI, so we're set for life! :smiley:
    Recently I had to do a stencil version of a company font (for their outdoor advertising) and the coding of the original was so poorly made that I got triple or quadruple what I had initially asked for. They had contacted the creator, he had no clue at all how to fix his own font, and he had over 200 sales. Not to mention the tons of parasitic points all over his abysmal Beziers and the kerning unconsistencies - an O with different sidebearings and in a kern class, and so on. 2000 kern pairs! Non-typograpers have no clue the can of worms they could be buying from the sea of fonts that came to be in the last 10 years or so. Imagine the tsunami of angry complains he will get from the release until forever. Yikes!

    I hereby coin the term "foret" for the bold term above.
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