Quality Control Software?

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Hey everyone

I installed Font Bakery, but have no knowledge of python or programming (except html/css) so I have no clue how to use it. 

So I was wondering if there was any good software quality control software, to check if the technical aspects of the font are OK but for people that are not programmers. (Update: I could install and run Microsoft's font validator, but I don't know if there is something better)

Thank you!


  • Hi Fernando, You can try a free version of DTL OTmaster.
    The program has a tool called “consistency checker” and is very helpful.
    The paid version, of course, is much better.
  • If you managed to get Fontbakery installed you don't need any programming knowledge to use the pre-made check profiles, which are very useful: see the documentation. At a minimum, in Terminal use something like this:
    fontbakery check-universal path/to/font.ttf
    Each reported problem usually includes some information or a link to a discussion of why such a check was included.
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