Fontlab Studio's overlapping accents

Ray LarabieRay Larabie Posts: 930
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I recently upgraded to FL 5.2 in Windows 8 (64-bit) and noticed a new feature that overlays all the members of a class in the kerning window. I can see how that might be useful. However it's broken and I can't figure out how to turn it off. Does anyone know how to turn the class kerning overlay preview feature off? I can toggle it in the options but it has no effect.



  • Ray LarabieRay Larabie Posts: 930
    Okay, wait I got it. You just have to restart Fontlab about 20 times and it kicks in.

    I didn't intentionally install the latest version but I recently toasted my motherboard and had to download and install FLS again. The only version offered on the FL site is this latest build which is pretty messed up. If you have an older version, you'd best hold onto it. It's pretty hard to get any work done with this one. The bold filter doesn't work. UI elements keep resetting. Ah, well. After abut 13 years of FontLab use, I'm used to this sort of thing.

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