Selling fonts Groupon's Style

The Groupon business model applied to fonts.


  • Marc Oxborrow
    This isn't brand new -- Linotype and Monotype have been running flash sales for a few months, mostly on established faces like Trade Gothic and their updates (Avenir Next, Frutiger Next) along with a smattering of new faces.

    Assuming that they're being truthful about the sales limits and when those limits are reached, the program appears to be successful. I've attempted to take advantage of a couple of offers and been informed by the site that they're sold out.

    If this Neue Haas Grotesk sampler follows suit, that's not a bad return on investment: $20k in sales from a one-day, one-time email campaign.

  • Mostafa Hajizadeh
    It kind of bothers me when a typeface is sold at such low price. Big book publishers are trying to increase the price of books and ebooks, and even have come up with ebooks that are sometimes more expensive than print books. Why most big type foundries are doing the opposite? Isn’t a good font worth the price? What bothers me is that it lowers expected price for a font.