Looking for John-Paul Knox/Perrin OT/Marquet OT

Dear experts,

I'm wondering if anyone knows how to get in touch with M. John-Paul Knox, creator of Perrin OT:

I'm really infatuated with that face, which I've been staring at for years. I just recently learned, from Mr Devroye's database, that it's been digitized. But, I can't find any traces of it anywhere. The old Typophile website seems to be gone for good, and that was my last hope. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thank you!


  • Marc OxborrowMarc Oxborrow Posts: 169
    For what it's worth, you can read the long thread about the font in this archived version of Typophile. 

  • Hrant H. PapazianHrant H. Papazian Posts: 1,864
    edited April 5
    Long live the Wayback Machine!

    One weird thing about Typophile though is that at some point any accented character in old posts would completely dump the rest of the post, as you can see in my reply there: "Ren" was "René", and there was a lot more after that!
  • George ThomasGeorge Thomas Posts: 561
    @konrad ritter -- This is likely him: [email protected]
  • konrad ritterkonrad ritter Posts: 154
    Wonderful -- thank you all for your kind help and advice. 
    And yes, long live the Wayback Machine. Much of the internet is a landfill these days where everyone recopies the present to no purpose. That WM archive alone keeps something worth preserving. 
  • Hrant H. PapazianHrant H. Papazian Posts: 1,864
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    BTW, I just realized that "nepenthe" in that Typophile thread is none other than JP Knox! And I had an email exchange with him in early 2009... with a different email address than the one George posted. What I'll do is email JP with the address I have and see if it still works.
  • konrad ritterkonrad ritter Posts: 154
    Thank you much. I had a hunch it may be him. I loved the story of how he came to like that face by reading the same books I did, when I discovered it. Small world. 
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