How to create a cursive fonts from a design that my friend has drew.


Please anyone can help me how to create a cursive font with a software like fontcreator or calligraphr online. But the only problem is that my friend has draw it and scan it so i can get it but what are the procedure to create a cursive font.

Please any help...


  • To make an OK cursive font will take you at least some months learning / practicing correct point placement, spacing and kerning, vertical metrics fundamentals, characters set standards and several other important topics in font making. To make things simpler, start by learning how to properly digitize the glyphs, then move to spacing and so on. It's like learning to play a musical instrument, it can't be done in a couple of weeks.
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    Although there are many truths in what Ramiro says, you can actually learn a lot of fundamentals in a couple of weeks. You just won’t be at the same quality level as professionals, is all.

    And if by cursive, you mean connected script, at least you won’t have to worry nearly as much about kerning; the glyphs that connect to each other need to be spaced to connect naturally, and there needs to be no built-in kerning between them.
  • Hello,
    I used Calligraphr as a start for 3 handwritten fonts but with detached letters. Simply follow their instructions. Your friend will have to write each letter/sign on a special canvas they provide. If I remember well, it creates a .ttf file you can import in Font Creator or another program.

    For connected script, it's not as easy. But I recommand a very good video on Youtube by Laura Worthington: "Designing Connected Script Fonts".
    I used it with success on Fontlab 7. Certainly as easy with Font Creator.

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    You might want to check out Scanhand.  It is best for detached letters but if you include the in and out strokes in each letter they can be edited in a font editor later.
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