Please, help: issue with VF style linking in MS Word

Rafał BuchnerRafał Buchner Posts: 16
edited March 2021 in Font Technology
I'm working on a type family, which contains 2 separate VF files for the Romans and Italics, each file has a Weight axis, with Regular and Bold instances. Style linking for those instances works everywhere (Indesign, MacOS TextEdit and many moreee) with the exception of MS Word: 

In MS Word regular is linked to italic and bold. But italic is not being linked to bold italic. (In other words UI buttons "I" and "B" works separately, but not together).

I'm generating the variable fonts using fontmake. 
I feel I was trying to rename every name table entry to make it work. 
Does anybody have an idea how to help me or where in the font tables I could edit something so this fricking style linking would work properly?

Thanks in advance


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