Multiple versions of Google's Noto Sans font?

It seems that there is more than one version of the font Noto Sans. I noticed this first when I received a PSD file using Noto Sans. Upon opening the PSD for some reason it was showing up like I was missing the font.

This was strange because I absolutely have Noto Sans installed.
I also tried uninstalling my version of Noto Sans and activating Noto Sans from Adobe TypeKit. That didn't help.

So I started to check whether there might be other versions out there.

In my search I found two sources of Noto Sans from a domain webpage--

I found one source of Noto Sans (which I think is what I have installed) here::

Then I found a different source, also from Google:, but with a much more limited variation of weights:

So I tried installed Noto Sans from :that different source. That didn't help either. The PSD was still coming up with that text layer showing Noto Sans missing.

What I DID find though is that shockingly the two versions of Noto Sans, both downloadable from a associated webpage are not exactly the same!  :open_mouth:

Here they are together. Notice the height of the ascenders of the k and the d relative to the dotted i and j
TOP - from the 2nd link (
BOTTOM - from the 1st link (

I haven't yet found out what mysterious version of Noto Sans was used in the PSD I received. But it is definitely yet a third variation of the font. It seems shorter than the two versions from Google mentioned above. Here is a screenshot (top - my installed version of Noto Sans; bottom - the mysterious version of Noto Sans used in the PSD)

I've checked scaling and everything. I don't see any obvious reason why the those two text layers would look different, other than if the fonts themselves were different. The only thing I did notice is that the text layer with the mysterious missing version of Noto Sans has Standard Ligatures pressed, also I noticed that the Open Type Stylistic Alternates is available (though not pressed)

For the text layer containing text set to my installed version of Noto Sans, those options are grayed out.

So my questions are:
  1. Does anyone happen to know what the difference is between each of the Noto Sans fonts available in the two sources linked above ( vs
  2. What other alternative version of Noto Sans could that PSD text layer be using? It's showing Noto Sans - Regular, but both official Google versions I've tried don't seem to correspond.
  3. What could the differences in the Character panel ("ligatures" and "stylistic alternates") indicate?
  4. And finally, if anyone has a clue where I can maybe find that mysterious version of Noto Sans that is coming up missing from my system in Photoshop?
Thanks!  <3