Figma and CSS weight class

Hello there,

I wonder if anyone has a clue as to how to solve this issue. If I try to use one of my fonts on Figma, it assigns the same weight class for different styles (e.g., thin 300; light 300); as a result, when you try to export the code, some styles do not appear due to the same weight class value (I suppose). The same happens if I use Gotham or Futura Now, whereas if I use Roboto everything is set properly.  Which kind of table have they compiled for weight class value to obtain such a result?


  • There are two different parts to this problem:
    - what data is in the font?
    - what is Figma doing with that data, or is it making assumptions based on names, or...?
  • I exported the file from Glyphs adding just the weightclass custom parameter and left everything to the make otf application. But I also tried without a custom parameter and nothing has changed...Comparing opentype tables using OTmasters between Roboto and my fonts seems that they have the same value (for example in OS/2 tables). Regarding Figma I sent an information request to the support center. None has answered yet
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