Terminating Contract with Myfonts / pulling fonts off their website

Kaja SlojewskaKaja Slojewska Posts: 2
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I'm planning to start selling fonts on MyFonts. I was wondering about the possibility of pulling the typefaces down, once they are up for, let's say, few months. Can you stop selling them whenever you want? (in case I find a better place to publish and sell my typefaces).

I hope there are people here with an experience dealing with situations like that.


  • James PuckettJames Puckett Posts: 1,792
    You need to read the contract. They change it from time to time so the rest of us might not know what’s in the current contract. Also, you know all of those horrible stories about record labels signing artists to horrible contracts that allow them to do all kinds of crazy shit with the artist’s work? Think about that.
  • Kaja SlojewskaKaja Slojewska Posts: 2
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    @JoyceKetterer @James Puckett I read the contract multiple times but I can’t seem to 100% understand it, I’m not that familiar with the lawyer language yet.

    I thought I might someone here who previously taken fonts down from their website, but as you pointed out, it probably differs. I will have to consult the contract with someone who can lay it down for me clearly. Thank you!
  • No need to read the contract, in my direct and specific experience Monotype don't abide by it if there's money to be made.
  • @Ray Larabie - Just curious, why did you choose to hide typefaces? 
    I've long been thinking about adding at least some of my fonts to myfonts.com, but I seem to recall there were rules around exclusivity that turned me off it.
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