I need your feedback on the current state of font distribution!

Simon Misner
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Hello people,
I have a typographic start up I'm working on and am looking to collect information on what people's thoughts are on the font industry. If you could participate in and share a two minute survey I put together that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)

Survey for if you make/sell fonts: https://w0bwyodnfif.typeform.com/to/Q4zWPwCM

take both if applicable!


  • Simon Misner
    Also if you feel that important/pertinent information and or questions are missing please let me know. Looking for as much feedback as possible!
  • John Hudson
    John Hudson Posts: 3,043
    It would be good if your royalty ranges were contiguous. What happened to 70–80%?

  • Nick Curtis
    The question on client-based work doesn't offer a "No opinion" option.
  • Thomas Phinney
    The question about ranking one’s concerns for the field of type design... does not actually allow ranking, just multiple selection.