How to make last written glyph to be on top ? [FontLab7]

i'm applying some effect to my font and one of them is extrude but when i write any word it appears like in this image. 
Is there any way or code to make last written glyph to be on top ?


  • AFIK, the only practical way to do that is with a layered font.
  • AFIK, the only practical way to do that is with a layered font.
    can you tell me how to do that ? 
  • Thomas PhinneyThomas Phinney Posts: 2,003
    So, the problem is that your font is not black and white. It is ink and ... clear. So regardless of layer/glyph z-axis order, the ink is going to blot out the clear stuff, because it doesn’t matter if the clear stuff is on top or on bottom.

    You can solve this by going to a layered font set. Make one font for the "white" and a separate one for the "black." The white part is built as if it was black, by you. Then the end user has to copy-pasted it into a separate text box, and color that layer white, to get the desired effect.

    You could also build a single color font with white as a color. But then you are reliant on the end user’s environment to decide how it wants to stack overlapping glyphs in the same layer. You might get a good result, or not, and it might vary some by environment or app. (Probably mostly good results, as with left-to-right text most infrastructure will draw glyphs in sequence left to right, and that happens to be what you want. But you'd have to test it extensively.)
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