Latin glyphs doesn't work on Fontlab7

Hi All,
i have a problem that when i test my font and try to write a latin word the accent doesn't appear. 
how to solve this problem? ..


  • Chris LozosChris Lozos Posts: 1,281
    it may be a keyboard problem?

  • it may be a keyboard problem?

    i sent the font file to a friend and he had the same issue.. 
  • I assume the problem is not one of spelling: you tried typing some accented character and it just does not show up? (In French, chateau has a circumflex on the first a, but has no diacritic mark on the e.)

    Would I be right to think that you are not eager to share the font file with people here?

    If you do not want to share the font here, I suggest you file a support request with FontLab, and attach both the FontLab VFC file and the generated font.
  • When you open the font in an adobe application, can you find the diacritical marks in the glyph panel?
    I second @Thomas Phinney's suggestion to start a FontLab support ticket, they're awesome. Or try the FontLab forums.
  • I was looking at this again and realized I missed something.

    That red line under the names of the precomposed glyphs suggests a mismatch between the glyph names (which are OK) and the encoding. So the glyphs are probably mis-encoded.

    To fix that, try going to the Font menu and select Generate Unicodes. I suspect that will resolve the problem.
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