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Hello, I'm curious how other designers approach minor versioning. Specifically, if your update or change is minor, but is specific to either a subset of individual font styles and/or specific to romans only for example, how do you approach this?

Does a minor version change warrant an update to all font styles' version number for the sake of consistency and tracking, or do you only issue the version update to individual or grouped styles only?


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  • In my opinion, a version number should be the same family-wide, and there should always be detailed release notes somewhere which describe what the change is, and where. That’s where you would say, for example, “v1.004 – Corrected encoding issue in Bold Italic font.” You could even add, “All other fonts remain unchanged from v1.003.”
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    I only rev font version if there is a change to the glyph set, e.g. new glyphs or revisions to a significant number of glyphs. Otherwise I leave the head and name table versions the same but append a build number to the latter. The build number gets rev'd every time new fonts are generated, which these days tends to be via a scripted build process outside of the whatever font tool was used for design development.
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