Hi there 👋

Hello, I am Kedar. I am originally from India. Lived in the US for 10 years. And currently, I am in Canada.
I am a huge "typophile". Fonts and individual glyphs really captivate me. And the love for type also helps me with anxiety. Not a lot of people understand it, but trying to draw glyphs, even in in mid-air, gives me a sense of calm. Haha. :)
I recently published my first font to MyFonts 🎉 and I am currently working on a Devanagari (+Latin) open source font to be published on Google Fonts.
I am using GlyphsApp for type development. And I am learning the ropes as I develop. If anyone's looking for any help with type development, I would be happy to volunteer as I would be excited to learn under a professional umbrella.
Finally, a big HI 👋 to all the wonderful people here on TypeDrawers.