New FontLab 7.2: until 6 Dec $199 for Glyphs, RoboFont, FOG, TypeTool & EDU users, $299 new licenses

We have just released FontLab 7.2, a significant update to our font editor for macOS & Windows. It boasts 120 new or improved features: • New Rotate, Scale and Slant tools • Adaptive freeform grid with Suggest distance • Per-font rounded or fractional coordinates • Flexible dynamic instance and 30× faster interpolation • Powerful attached and variable components • Visual proofing and better editing of features • Microsoft VOLT integration • Font window filtering by color flag and glyph name suffix • Better UFO 3 and .glyphs 2 and 3 interchange • 80 fixes — see detailed release notes 

FontLab 7.2 is free for existing FontLab 7 users, and $99 for FontLab VI users. The regular price for a new license is $459.

Until Sunday, 6 December 2020, we’re offering a new license at $299, and if you have Glyphs, RoboFont, Fontographer 5, TypeTool 3 or FontLab Studio 5, of if you’re a university student or teacher — FontLab 7 is just $199! Visit this week to use offer!


  • Brilliant. Thanks for the cross-grade deals, Adam!
  • Such a great update. If you had only work on the Variation panel it would have been fantastic, but you worked much more on other features. Fantastic and thank you to your team.
  • Fantastic, just bought it with few hours left
  • We’re seriously committed to making FontLab 7 inclusive. One license lets you run it on a variety of hardware, from budget Linux notebooks to multi-monitor Windows PCs, and of course on Macs. 

    We’ve had a number of people asking us to not end the sale on a Sunday, so we decided to give everyone two more days. Share so a friend sees this!

    Until Tuesday, 8 December 2020, we’re offering a new license at $299, and if you have Glyphs, RoboFont, Fontographer 5, TypeTool 3 or FontLab Studio 5, of if you’re a university student or teacher — FontLab 7 is just $199! Visit this week to use offer!
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