Looking for Beautiful Examples of Popular Fonts in Use. Any Recommendations?

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I am looking for either a book or a website that illustrates popular fonts in use, categorized by type of usage like titles.  I'm essentially looking for something exactly like fontsinuse.com.  The problem with fontsinuse.com is that I really don't like the examples that they use.  I don't think they really illustrate the best use of the fonts.  The samples frequently aren't that beautiful so I just pass on the font when I shouldn't.

Can anyone recommend a good book or website that shows samples of fonts in use?

Thank you for any guidance.


  • Stephen Coles
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    I'm sorry to hear you’re not happy with the uses you’re seeing on Fonts In Use. We post everything that is submitted, so the range of styles varies widely. Some of the most notable uses are highlighted as Staff Picks. Have you tried that view? Here are the Staff Picks for Film/Video design.
  • Claudio Piccinini
    The uses are very varied, and you can also contribute to Fonts in Use, if you think it is lacking in certain cathegories of use.
    As it is, I think it’s just fantastic: clearly not all of the uses have the same degree of suitability/significance, but it’s just great to navigate, and it can expand/adjust/improve also by the effort of users.
  • Ben Noe
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    I'm late to this thread... but have you checked out https://fontsinuse.com ?
  • Nick Shinn
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    Even for well-established fonts, you will only find faux usage at online distributors. 
    The reason is that they require formal written permission, which is generally too much of a hassle.