typedrawers doesnt work on ipad

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Couldn't find a link to msg the admin so creating this discussion thread instead. The typedrawers page doesn't load. Tried the desktop version via safari and still won't load. I'm using ios 10.3.3. They dont have updates for this version of ios anymore so I'm wondering if some upgrade to the site affected that. 


  • AbiRasheed
    So following up on this. Any reason why it doesn't work anymore on  old ios? It used to so I'm guessing some change was made here for it to not work.
  • John Hudson
    John Hudson Posts: 3,034
    Are you getting an error message related to the page not loading?
  • Jens Kutilek
    Are you accessing the site through http or https? I found that old systems often have problems with newer encryption standards, and sites tend to offer only newer algorithms because of security problems in older algorithms.
  • Viktor Rubenko
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    Doesn't work on my iphone with 10.3.1 ios too. Loads white page.
  • AbiRasheed
    Sorry for the late reply. Nope @John Hudson,  just a blank page. @Jens Kutilek Through https. @Viktor Rubenko ditto. It looks like the admins/mods fixed it. I can view it now on the ipad now. thanks!