Give me feedback on my online tool to fix microtypography

Hi, TypeDrawers community! 👋

I’m building Typopo—a free online tool to fix microtypography errors in multiple languages. I’ve shared my side-project here at TypeDrawers a while back and your feedback helped me better communicate what the tool does.

I have improved tool a lot since my last post and Typopo now automatically fixes double & single quotes, apostrophes, double & single primes, hyphens, dashes, white spaces, non-breaking spaces, ellipses, trademark symbols, exponents, unintended uppercase, and much more. And it does all that respecting English, German, Slovak, Czech or Rusyn typography rules. Check out for further details.

I’m hoping your community feedback will help me shape the tool to be more valuable for book designers, writers, and DTP operators. I’d love you to try it and let me know if this is useful to you. Thank you all for your help!


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  • Craig EliasonCraig Eliason Posts: 1,398
    edited November 2020
    Passed the "rock 'n' roll" test!
    (But consequently failed the "press the 'n' key for No" test.)
  • Passed the "rock 'n' roll" test!
    (But consequently failed the "press the 'n' key for No" test.)

    Craig, thanks for bringing up that one! I plan to improve the identification of single/double quotes, and this will be a great addition to a test case. When you come across any other oddities, I’ll be more than happy if you share them ;)

  • Well the intention behind my comment was to point out that there's not really a foolproof way to automate the parsing of apostrophes versus single-quotes, is there (since, for example, /space/singlequote/n/singlequote/space can in one instance call for an apostrophe and in another for a single opening quote)?
  • I should add that i appreciate both the idea and the execution here--even if perfection eludes us this is a potentially useful tool!
  • Thanks! You’re right that some errors are more difficult to parse than other because of the context they appear in. Step-by-step, I’m trying to spot and fix more and more errors and eventually I may get to contextual identification of ‘n’ as well :)

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