Has anyone scripted the conversion of .fog files to .ufo?


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    Save this script:
    import os.path
    from fontlab import *
    from PythonQt import QtGui
    fontFileName = "example.fog"
    fontPath = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), fontFileName)
    ws = flWorkspace.instance()
    main = ws.mainWindow
    fp = ws.currentPackage
    pref = flPreferences()
    ec = ExportControl()
    ec.profileName = "UFO Package"
    ec.destinationMode = pref.DestinationFolder
    ec.conflictMode = pref.ConflictOverwrite
    ec.contentMode = pref.ContentCurrent
    ec.destinationFolder = os.path.dirname(fontPath)
    ec.groupProfiles = False
    ec.groupFamily = False
    ws.exportFont(fp, ec)
    qapp = QtGui.QApplication.instance()
    as "fog2ufo.vfpy" and run FontLab 7 in commandline with the path to "fog2ufo.vfpy" as commandline argument. Change fontFileName as needed (in this version, it needs to be in the same folder as "fog2ufo.vfpy").
  • Adam TwardochAdam Twardoch Posts: 476
    edited October 2020
    Ps. The code in FontLab 7 for opening .fog files is based on the code that FLS5 had. 
  • The question sounded more like if someone had the spec for .fog files. 
  • The spec would be nice, but for my immediate practical purposes, I just need a scripted build process from .fog to .ttf via fontmake :) Thanks both!
  • I don't think there is such thing as .fog files spec (there are 2 .fog file formats, btw), I think I made parser by checking Fog code + applying it to some sample fog files.
  • Could you share the relevant code?
  • @Adam Twardoch Out of interest, does FL6 use a different method for opening .fog files? I tried opening one recently in it and found everything to be super pixelated and couldn't be edited. FL5 worked fine. 
  • Was it FL6 or FL7? There might be some bug in the FL7 code. I checked some .fog files and they worked fine, including fractional coordinates etch FOG & FL7 support but FLS5 does not.

    It'd help if you could share the failing font via so we can see what's going on. 

    .fog format also supports embedded bitmaps, maybe they're interfering.
  • Ahh. It is the embedded bitmaps that are indeed interfering. Is there a way to disable FL6 from loading them?
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