Apostrophe not showing

Hello friends,
I was currently comissioned to add an apostrophe to a typeface. When the client tried to use the apostrophe, the text editor (I assume it was MS Word) defaulted to another font just for this glyph. The letters showed in the font.
After I carefully explained that I can't touch other people's beziers and kerning, I yet installed the font on my workstation and ran into the same issue. The font actually has an apostrophe, but it does not show. What could be the reson? Is it this: https://superuser.com/questions/122625/apostrophes-and-double-quotes-dont-show-up-until-i-type-the-next-letter ? Can it be fixed in the font file or is it something that has to be adjusted in the OS?


  • RichardW
    RichardW Posts: 100
    Depending on what character and what font editor you've used, it could be something as trivial as the OS/2 table.  If you've used U+02BC MODIFIER LETTER APOSTROPHE, bit 5 of field ulUnicodeRange1 in the OS/2 table may need to be set.