What units per em do you tend to use during fontdevelopment?



  • John HudsonJohn Hudson Posts: 2,869
    I am using FL7 a lot for production work—the variations tools are excellent, the kerning and anchor tools are better than FLS5—but I'm still not comfortable creating glyphs in it. I work so quickly in FLS5, that I find myself reverting to it for drawing, then import the glyphs into FL7. I think this is just a comfort issue, though, and that if I made myself use FL7 for drawing I would get to grips with it and possibly even prefer it. Still miss my interpolate nodes tool, though.
  • Still miss my interpolate nodes tool, though.
    Which tool is that? Built-in or script/plugin? 
  • A while ago for fun I drew a font at 100 upm. The normal weight looks fine but any interpolations fail. 

  • I used 1000 for many years. Now I am using 2048 and find it ideal.
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