Funky Italic Feedback

Morning friends,

I'm in the process of vectoring a funky 70's vibe of a logotype for a client. It's a bit bell-bottomed and ideally has no straight lines. The spacing is on the tighter end, hence the "u-f-f" ligature to save space. 

My main concerns/questions are about weight distribution and if you see how to make this feel more unified? The "s" especially is giving me trouble and I'm wondering if I should have heavier crossbars to match the bell-bottom-ness happening? Any and all thoughts appreciated!


  • Nice! I agree s could use some work. Have you tried more f-like terminals? I.e. get rid of the serifs. The d could use a wider serif on top I think. While I like the ff ligature, I wonder if the heavy top part is ruining the bottom-heavy vibe a bit. 
  • The nice bounce of "good" kind of dies in "stuff." I wonder if working some variation into the base of the ff ligature might help. Love the cheerful g!
  • What if "ff" descended?
  • @Jasper de Waard
    Thanks for the thoughts, my dude! That's an excellent suggestion for the "s" — haven't attempted that yet! 
  • @Marc Oxborrow
    & @Hrant H. Papazian

    Appreciate the thoughts, friends! I attempted a more traditional italic "f" but wasn't really vibing with it. I'll take another pass at it to see if it'll look good ;) 

  • Here's an update — I think I'm leaning towards the serifed "s" for some reason (although it still needs work) 

    Those italic "f's" aint too bad I guess! 
  • I do think the new "s" is a better fit.

    Try making the first "f" descend more (and maybe the second one ascend more).
  • The new s isn't retro enough, I think. But maybe you could make it more retro without adding serifs? 

    Otherwise I think you should make the u and t (and g?) more serify.

    New ff is nice!
  • The /f/ «descenders» are too close to the baseline for my taste, they look like a mistake. You could use that descender space for some massive bell-bottom flares. 
  • I think the /good/ could all be a little closer together... right now, it seems a bit looser than the /stuff/.
  • I liked the original s and ff the most
  • Wonderful feedback, everyone! Exactly what I was in need of. Appreciate the time you've taken to help me make this better. :smile:
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