How to complete font

Hi, first of all, it says in the sticky to use my real name, but can't find an option to set it.

Anyway, i'm not a designer by any means, but i am trying to make a set of the twitch logo font to use in a Stylus sheet on the website, since the only two out there, are not official or not correct, imo. One is using capital letters, which is obviously wrong as the logo is all lower case, and the other does a few things that don't seem to line up with the rules within the type, i suppose, or are hard to read. Again, not a designer, which is why i am struggling to finish the x, and by extension the 7 and parenthesis as well.

The version i'm using now seems wrong since they use long diagonal lines, while the rules of the font are all straight vertical or horizontal lines, with the occasional chamfered corner to create roundness.

Could someone make a sketch of how they are supposed to look like given the rules.

This is my set currently

and these are other versions of the x (
cant figure any other for the 7 and parenthesis)


  • Matthijs Herzberg
    Hi Meb,
    The first roadblock to helping you is that the image you provided is very low resolution, making it very tricky to see your font. Could you provide a better picture? Or, if you're comfortable with it, upload a vector file. From what I can tell, your x and 7 aren't too bad, but there are some other issues that catch the eye. Would be happy to get into detail if you upload a better image.
  • Frank Loff
    Really? I'm quite happy with the rest actually.

    Anyway, I don't have a vector version (i think) as i'm doing it on fontstruct

    Maybe this is better?
  • Matthijs Herzberg
    That's a little better, thanks.
    My main advice is to have better consistency between letters. Your /a, /c, and /o are related to each other. However, other 'round' letters like /b, /d, /g, /p, /q, have their diagonal cuts placed at random. /b on bottom right, /g on top right, /d doesn't have any at all.  Apply the same logic to each letter, especially in a modular font like this one. In that same vein, your /v could relate to /w and still be legible (probably). /f looks like it is narrower than /t, but maybe that's just the low-res picture.
    I also think /e is... not good.
    But yeah, I think the current /x and /7 are just fine!
  • Frank Loff
    Ah, good call. Didn't realize and even had to look twice now. I shall experiment with it.

    Not so sure about the /v, though. Feel like it would look too close to the /u, but i haven't actually used it that way. This is my first iteration of it and found it very fitting despite not necessarily coherent with the theme.

    But then again, so is the 7, which i kinda hate in this regard. I tried to basically use the f mirrored without the chamfer, but it looked bad.

    And the /e... well, If you have an alternative, feel free. All circled spaces are 3u high, and so is the one. I suppose making the bottom cut diagonally too and finish the end a bit further out?

    I can't really think of any other way to do it.