My first attempt in type design

Hi everyone! I'm happy that I just discovered this community as it seems to be all I'm needing to improve my activity in type discipline. I'm a visual communication student in Argentina and here type design community is quite small and elitist, so I'm basically self-taught type-wise (through some books I bought and online resources). At the beginning of the lockdown I decided to start my very first font project, since I felt I had some basic knowledge. I started sketching and I took a historic local reference (from the train station here at my city), which I decided to 'corrupt' or modify as a political position taken to that so eurocentric art-nouveauish feeling the station has, that I felt so alien and imported in a way. The goal is display-only, not text.
I'm not that happy with the result but I've learned a lot in the process. I learnt mostly how chaotic could be to start from a calligraphy sketch and translate it into a font. Anyways, I'm not going to take more time on this attempt but I'm looking for some advice from more experienced people for forthcoming projects.

I drop here my instagram account in case someone wants to check more of my work (mostly lettering and 3D). 
(Website in process).

Thanks a lot!

PD: Drive link to more images about the "calligraphic sketches" I mentioned before.


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