Hanzi machine

Hi, found this interesting poster on the internet, anyone have any info about what's written and what the machine is?


  • The picture is from the front cover of a book about invention of the Chinese typewriter.
  • Yes, you’ll want to read Thomas Mullaney’s “The Chinese Typewriter.”
  • The typewriter is a Double Pigeon.
  • And the wording just says "Double Pigeon Brand Chinese Typewriter". (Caution: I read Japanese, not Chinese. But I bet that's it.) Wonderfully, the Chinese characters used for "typewriter" are "letter-striking device".
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    Wonderfully, the Chinese characters used for "typewriter" are "letter-striking device".
    Indeed wonderful! Mandarin seems much more methodical to me than English once you get past the initial hard climb of the learning curve.

    I am currently dabbling with global Spanish and a word can have wildly different hispanoamerican meanings.  :# I am sure it can lead to some funny misunderstandings :)

    The first time I saw a kanji typewriter was in the erotic movie "The Pillow Book" from 1996. It was the weirdest movie to watch as a 14-year old, luckilly I understood almost nothing from the innuendos.  :D
  • Hi, did not want to open up a new thread, but I came around this interesting video :) and would like some of you guys to share similar resources that you like:
    It's not exactly type-related but I find it fascinating and would love to share what you guys find with the GenZ crowd on my local facebook group :)
  • Several years ago when I was working for a small typesetting/pre-press shop in Dallas, one of our customers needed typeset Chinese for a product package he was developing. I found a Chinese newspaper that did job work in nearby Richardson. They used a gizmo which looked remarkably like this one, IIRC. Watching a person operate it carried the same wonder that watching someone hand-set foundry type.
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