Looking for Black Pepper originals

Hi everyone,

A design studio from a friend is searching for the originals of:
Black Pepper by Peter Steiner circa 1972


They told me that they could be found in Berthold Fototypes E1 but I don't have that specimen book.

Thank you for your help,


  • Hi Fernando,
    Black Pepper is not shown in Berthold Fototypes E1. This catalog includes Black Body, another display face designed by Peter Steiner. As I wrote on Fonts In Use, Black Pepper was exclusively available from Anton Herkner Graphisches Atelier, a phototype studio in Stuttgart, Germany. My understanding is that Peter Steiner is still around. I’m aware of a designer who is working on a digital revival and who got in touch with the Steiner family. I’ll notify them of this thread, maybe they’re willing to share any insights on the progress.
  • Excellent information Florian, thank you so much!
  • Steiner is still around?! He is 94 years old! Cool.  :smile:
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