How to edit the glyphs in a substitution table (i.e. small caps glyphs)?

I've been using Font Forge, and I have a font that already has a smcp substitution table, but it's missing some glyphs (it has all the regular latin letters, but is missing ones with diacritics, and I'd like to add those.

Now, in font forge, I can go View -> Display Substititions and select the smcp table. Then I can see the small caps glyphs. But I can't find how to edit those glyphs. If I select a glyph and open it for editing it shows the regular glyph, not the smcp one. If I copy a glyph to paste it into another unicode slot, it copies the regular glyph not the smcp one. 

So my question is: how do I edit the glyphs in that smcp sub table? Ideally I'd like to find a way to do this in font forge. But I'm open to other recommended software if font forge proves too cumbersome or limited for this kind of editing.

Thanks in advance for your help!


  • I've used FontForge a fair deal of time but this is the first time I've heard about this View setting. Instead of using that, just find the existing smcp glyphs — they're in the font besides the regular glyphs, somewhere down there, no need to enter an exotic View setting.You will need to add your smallcaps diacritic glyphs just the same, as regular glyphs, and add their substitutions to the substitution table via Element > Font properties, Lookups tab. This tab is a bit exotic though as well, I'd normally recommend editing feature code by hand (you can export it by right-clicking one of the lookups) but in an existing font that might be risky.
  • Thanks @Adam Jagosz! I hadn't realized that non-unicode small caps were just tacked onto the end. Figured out how to add more glyphs slots, then created the small caps glyphs I needed, and was able to add them to the existing smcp sub-table quite easily. Tested and it works. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
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