grunge effect


I would like to apply the same grunge effect from the English font to the Arabic font.

Is there any automatic script, python or action to do that?



  • Hasan Abu Afash
    Hasan Abu Afash Posts: 2
    edited July 2020
    Thanks for this nice reply and wonderful method.
    By the way, FontLab 7 had action called distort. It gave the attached result ... but the inside texture of an asphalt road need large of work.
    Hope there are an action to do that ...

  • Vasil Stanev
    Vasil Stanev Posts: 775
    edited July 2020
    Yes, and as you see the glyph gets too many details to keep a small byte size. If the client has to wait every time his OS loads the font, that can have dire consequences for your sales.

    There may be someone who has automated the texturing. Search the web for Vassil Kataliev. But his services ain't exactly cheap, because they are pro, AFAICS.  B)
  • James Puckett
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    There are tools for distressing graphics with Photoshop and Illustrator that will help on Creative Market.