Stapel by Paratype


Stapel is a contemporary closed sans serif with sci-fi looking forms and eloquent, thin stroke joints. The superfamily consists of three subfamilies of different width: Normal, Narrow and Condensed. Each subfamily contains seven weights with corresponding true italics. Additionally, there are several extra wide bold styles. All these styles work perfectly in headings and short display texts. Another important subfamily is Stapel Text which includes upright and italic styles of lower contrast and more generous spacing. Text styles are great for body text in small and medium point sizes. Most styles include alternate characters, proportional and lining figures, math symbols, fractions, currency signs and case-dependent punctuation. A wide range of styles and typographic features makes Stapel ideal for use in brand identity, infographics and all kinds of designs related to technology, science, finance, politics or sports. Stapel was designed by Alexander Lubovenko and released by Paratype in 2020.