WF Wallenstein, another resurrected Art Nouveau type

This is number nine out of twelve typefaces for my upcoming Art Nouveau design kit. Wallenstein is another Heinz Keune design, from 1903. This came in a solid and an outline version, which were recommended to be used together to create a two-tone effect.
I'd love to have more of those awesome ornaments, but I've only been able to find these two pieces. They're from the title page of a specimen of "Mimosenzierat" by Schelter & Giesecke. If anyone has that specimen, I'd love to get some photos or scans of it. 


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    Love it.
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    Stephen ColesStephen Coles Posts: 996
    edited July 2020
    This is a great one. I would check our S&G specimens at Letterform Archive, but it's all packed up for our move now. 
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